About Sally Can’t Dance

Sally Can’t Dance is a London-based independent fashion label, specialising in original designs, hand-printed on ethically-produced high quality T-shirts and bags.

The aim of all Sally Can’t Dance is to be humorous without being crass or “wacky”; to be rooted in pop culture but not to rely on it (the proliferation of “Vote For Pedro” T-shirts were one of many catalysts for Sally Can’t Dance); to be original and witty without being pretentious and to underpin it all with an eye-catching, carefully-considered design aesthetic.

Every single Sally Can’t Dance garment has been individually hand-printed at Dalston’s Print Club.
Sally Can’t Dance garments are extremely high-quality and ethically-produced. Having heard horror stories about sweatshops, I wanted Sally Can’t Dance to avoid being complicit in the exploitation of other human beings at all costs.


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